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    This whole thing with the Left is several fold.

    First, they think in terms of " VICTIM " and " VICTIMIZER " and have for many years now.

    Second, they're trying to show everyone just how good ,kind and generous they are by inviting all these people in to America ... to live at YOUR HOUSE; and then they scream in righteous rage when you object.

    Third, they openly admitted that they want illegal aliens here to vote them into power and keep them there; if no one likes your ideas, cheat like a MotherFucker and steal your way into office.

    Fourth, they hate America and want to wreak the place and this is another way of doing it.

    Fifth, they hate that most Americans don't agree with them and so they want to replace the American people with what they consider more passive population that will do everything they want.

    Sixth, they're doing this all on emotion instead of reason ... and that only fucks things really bad.
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    Let's do an honest comparison:

    Kristallnacht was when Nazi brown shirts went out and vandalized the businesses of innocent Jewish owners and Jews in general.

    ICE raids are for people who entered here legally or illegally, went through the process, were denied, appealed, were again denied and refused to leave the country on their own accord.

    In short, one is from what leftists do all the time in this country and the other is through due process of actual law.
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