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  1. #1 Los Angeles Residents Using Prickly Plants, Boxes to Fend Off Homeless 
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    Los Angeles residents and businesses are placing boxes often filled with prickly plants in front of their homes to deter the homeless from sleeping on the streets.

    Residents say the homeless situation in the city has become so desperate that they are willing to break municipal regulations barring the boxes from being on the streets, the Daily Mail reported.

    Peter Mozgo, along with his wife Maria, took action against the city after their venue on South Hope Street began losing bookings due to the homeless encampments outside.

    “We lost so much weddings because people don’t want to rent it anymore,” Mozgo told the Los Angeles Times.

    So Mozgo decided to buy large, wooden planters and fill them with dirt to see if it would deter the homeless from camping out in front of his establishment.

    “How many tents do we have today? And who came in? And who moved out? And who flipped my boxes? And who graffiti-ed the front of my work?” Mozgo said

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    Plant the wild Skunk weed plentiful in Nevada and problem solved,, no one will be sleeping within a quarter of a mile near the weed unless the wind is shifted the other direction. It's nasty !
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