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    First female pastor at NY’s famed Riverside Church ousted after allegedly taking ministers to sex shop

    NEW YORK — The Rev. Amy K. Butler, the first female pastor of New York City’s famed Riverside Church who revealed last year that she was sexually harassed at the church, is now being ousted from her post. The pastor is facing allegations that her colleagues felt “pressured” to follow her to a sex shop during a church conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she gifted a vibrator to one female minister.

    The progressive Riverside Church, which has hosted iconic political and cultural figures like Martin Luther King Jr., former President Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela, announced earlier this month that they would not be renewing Butler’s contract after five years but did not state a reason.
    On Thursday, the New York Post published a report alleging that Butler lost her job due to complaints that she took two Riverside Church assistant ministers and a female congregant to the Smitten Kitten sex shop in Minneapolis during a trip to the 27th annual Festival of Homiletics, a week-long conference where the 49 year old presided over the closing worship service.
    A source that spoke with the New York Post alleged that the single mother who was celebrating her 40th birthday when her boss gifted her the vibrator didn’t want it. She reportedly accepted the gift because she was afraid.

    The second minister, a gay man, was also offered a toy but he reportedly declined. Butler allegedly told the uncomfortable ministers that they didn’t have to accompany her to the sex shop but they allegedly “felt pressured” and feared professional retaliation, the source said.

    It was further alleged that while she was at the register paying for the sex toys, she flashed the church credit card and quipped, “Is this a church business expense?” It was unclear if the items were actually charged to the church.
    Riverside has been a center of theological liberalism for a century or more. Its members and leaders should not be the least bit surprised by her actions.
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    I love the name of the shop-Smitten Kitten. Too funny.

    But she crossed a line that she should not have crossed.
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