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  1. #1 Rep. Gaetz speaks out after receiving threatening messages 
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    This is Outrageous!

    The FBI identified the guy (terrorist) and a Federal prosecutor from Northern California, in his opinion ... saw No Threats and thus, no reason to press charges!

    Where is AG Barr?

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    Gotta call it like I hear it... Tucker's preface: " According to Gaetz… "

    Um, he's interviewing Gaetz. Meaning there wasn't a second source by air-time.

    The biggest red-flag was Tucker specifically asking for a name. Gaetz didn't answer. Instead he said: " The District Attorney for Northern California. " … huh?

    99-out-of-100 people would be shouting the name from every rooftop multiple times.

    I like Gaetz's opinions and past aggressions did happen to him, but this just sounds too contrived and suspiciously timed. I'm aware that people are trying to discover the District Attorney's name as I speak, so we'll see if I'm wrong.
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