Trump Floats Rumor That Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother. Is It True?

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DU never changes. It's likely true; there is firm evidence of it. But DEMOCRATS and JACK*SSES (same thing, sorry) NEVER, NEVER police their own. They just hide the evidence, act like it doesn't exist, deny it and claim it's lies.
snowybirdie (1,235 posts)

2. Most news outlets

aren't mentioning this story so as not to spread it.
Just those who are nothing but Democrat Propaganda outlets, which is most of the news media and bought and paid for DU.
CanonRay (9,616 posts)

3. MAGAts don't need no stinkin' evidence.
There's evidence. Jack*sses live in their own little bubble proscribed by leftist dictates so they don't see inconvenient truth. All the better to control DUmmies
Joe941 (1,443 posts)

4. Right wing propaganda. Plain and simple.

and jack*sses. And when some inadvertently comes out on DU it's immediately deleted and banned. PIGS love wallowing in their own filth.
Well DUmmies. If it's "propaganda" you should be able to PROVE IT ISN'T TRUE. But you can't because the evidence is there. Instead you deny it and ignore it.

Ohiogal (10,203 posts)

6. They have a lot of nerve

complaining about Omar's marriage history when you look at what the Dumpster has done in that regard and his attitudes towards women. Of course he gets a pass from them on everything.
What did he do that was ILLEGAL? NOTHING. What Omar did IS and WAS ILLEGAL.