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  1. #1 Kamala vs OldJoe - Round 2 
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    The lineups are out for the 2nd round of the democrat food fight. Kamala and Joe are the only two real contenders on the second night of the next debate. After blindsiding Joe in round 1 with a left hook and giving him a self-imposed standing 8 count, the question is:

    Will she go in for the kill?

    At least 3 possibilities:

    1. She plays nice. This could indicate a behind the scenes deal giving her a VP slot. I think Kamala thinks she still has a shot to be the nominee.

    2. Attack on corruption with the Ukraine and China. Unlikely, democrats don't care much about corruption charges unless they are against a republican.

    3. Immigration. Joe has recently and publicly defended the Obama/Biden record on deportations. They deported (at least on paper) many more than Orange Man. This a hot button with open borders democrat activists.

    I'll take Door Number 3, Monty.

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    #3 is the best way for her to draw a distinction between her stand and Joe's on another issue. Joe fumbled the busing issue badly. Busing didn't work. Having good schools for everyone does work.
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