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    How are homosexuals destroying marriage and Christianity? Does your marriage mean less to you now that gays can get married? Christianity has existed for over 2000 years, why is it that gays are only recently affecting it?
    First of all lets take a look at how same sex marriage as affected Christianity. Most Christian denominations and sects held certain common beliefs regardless of the views that divided them. One of these beliefs was that marriage was between a man and a women and that all sexual activity outside of this God sanctioned union was sinful. Homosexuals could be Christians they just had to become celibate just like all Christians must resist any sinful behavior and seek forgiveness when they give in to temptation. Homosexuals then plead the case that they should be allowed to become Church leaders and over time this was allowed as long as they remained celibate. This caused the first divide in the Christianity over this issue as many left one denomination for for others that held to more biblical traditions. Soon homosexual ministers started breaking their vows of celibacy and started to become sexually active. This further stranded the Church and more people started to break away from the "liberal" Churches that allowed or overlooked things. Finally society as a whole started to accept same sex marriage and the Church started to adopt many secular norms which caused these denominations to lose what distinguished them from secular society. Then the Church became less attractive to young people because why get up early on a Sunday to go and honor a god whose culture was no different than societies?

    Christianity was meant to be an alternative to secularism and not a mirror of it. The Churches acceptance of heterosexual sex outside of marriage is equally damaging and I am not overlooking it or excusing it. I am just staying on topic with the question you asked. Christianity in the western world is fading because, for the most part it has taken on the beliefs of a secular world. You know where it is growing? South America, Africa, many parts of Asia and Russia. Do you know why? Because these places are maintaining the Biblical beliefs and are an alternative to cultures in which they exist.

    Homosexuality, in my opinion, is a cancer on society and I believe that you look around at the failing moral values in the U.S. since 2000 you will see the decay of our culture. There are assuredly other contributing factors but the acceptance of homosexuality is a major facilitating cause.
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