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    Gibson’s Bakery: “there is serious concern about [Oberlin College’s] ability to pay this sizeable judgment three years from now”

    The $25 million damages judgment plus the over $6.5 million attorney’s fees and expenses award, puts Oberlin College almost $32 million in debt to Gibson’s Bakery and its owners.

    Post-judgment interest in Ohio is 5%, which if my math is correct, on $32 million equals $1.6 million a year just in interest, or $4,384 per day. So that $32 million is going to keep growing as the inevitable appeal winds its way through the courts.

    Interest aside, Oberlin College doesn’t want Gibson’s Bakery to start collecting the judgment by seizing bank accounts, college equipment, and anything else they can get their hands on.

    Not surprisingly, Oberlin College has filed a Motion for a Stay of Execution of Judgment (pdf.)(full embed at bottom of post). The motion also requests that Oberlin College not be required to post a bond to secure the judgment while the trial court rules on post-trial motions Oberlin College says it will be filing.

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    That's what happens in the real world when SJWs are allowed to not only run wild on campus, but get hired to run the college.

    Maybe the college should get those kids that tried to rob the bakery and the fucking brain-dead woman who worked for the college and lead the charge to harass the bakery in first place to fork up some money. Time to share the pain.
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    How about locking up the college administration and board until someone comes up with the cash?
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    I hope the bakery executes judgement ASAP and it leads to the shutdown of the school. With the amount of Christian businesses driven out of business it's time for a little tit for tat.
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    Oberlin College ordered to post $36 million bond to delay Gibson’s Bakery collection of Judgment

    Judge granted Oberlin College’s motion to stay execution of the judgment, but required the posting of a bond in the amount of the judgment plus three years interest as security.
    It probably isn't the full judgment amount, but it does tie up some of Oberlin's $$.
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    Better if Gibson's obtains control of the college and institutes reforms. This is better than shutting it down and liquidating its assets. :)
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