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  1. #1 Trump was right all along about Puerto Rico, 
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    Democrats have cynically dined out for years on the false narrative that President Trump was always trying to hold down Puerto Rico.

    Taking a page from the number they did on President Bush in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they claimed that the U.S. territory, ravaged as it was by Hurricane Maria in 2017, was intentionally not getting the aid it needed, all because Trump was a racist who hated them. Remember this dreck from Democratic Party standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton, who said she wasn't sure President Trump actually knew that Puerto Ricans are citizens? This is an actual narrative from themselves, and it snapped into place the moment the hurricane touched down in 2017
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    The Democratics have always been full of
    shit as it pertains to PR. As someone who has
    gone there for years the island has always been
    know for gubmint corruption.

    I'm sure a shit load of aid went into lefty

    I remember a pic from a few years ago of
    pallets full of bottled water that had been
    flown in and dropped off at some airfield.

    The water was just sitting there in the jungle
    since the right hands hadn't been greased
    for it to be moved where it was needed.
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    The Deplorables and some Dems are now on the same side of this issue. The only difference is that the Dems hopped-aboard only 5-and-a-half days ago.

    Not all of the 92-billion has made it to PR yet. Can't wait to see House Dems fumble the ball on trying to stop it.
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