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  1. #1 Stanford University Launches Investigation After Noose Found on Campus 
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    idn’t we just go through something like this last week? Yes, we did.

    The Hill reports:

    Noose found hanging near Stanford student residence

    Stanford University is investigating reports of a noose found hanging from a tree near a campus residence hall, NBC Bay Area reports.

    Counselors for a Stanford summer program said they saw the noose near their building Friday night and called the Stanford Department of Public Safety, the outlet reports. When deputies reached the scene, they found a white rope tied around a branch.

    The noose has since been removed.

    Stanford said in a statement on Tuesday “it is investigating the noose as a suspicious circumstance, but if additional evidence comes to light, it may be reclassified as a hate crime,” according to CNN
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    The "noose" is pictured in this article. Strictly speaking, it's not a noose. And though articles describe it as hanging from "a tall bush", it looks to me like the low end of the rope loop is about three feet above the ground. The branches of the bush look like they would not suspend and support more than 30-50 pounds without breaking or bending quite low.
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    No conservative kid who made it into Stanford would be that dumb.

    First-off, it's Summer.

    Secondly, it's half-assed.

    So most-likely, it's an attention-seeking Smollet move.
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