sheshe2 (56,909 posts)

Strong Women Scare Weak Men

Cowardly, weak and racist women not only cannot stand when others criticize them but they also let everyone know Black (and Brown) Supremacy IS REAL and ENCOURAGED by Democrats.

They, and Democrats have openly declared that their skin color entitles them to say whatever they want about those they hate and don't agree with,without being confronted or criticized.

Just like when the Democrats owned the slave plantations and black people DARED not criticize a white person, now white people DARE not criticize a black person.

And THAT IS RACISM. Black RACISTS are just as vile as White racists.

These women, and Demcrats, ought to be ashamed of these women. Not only are they racist cowards, but they are acting like they're back in high school and part of the 'in crowd' cheerleaders who lord their popularity and 'oh how special they are' over all those they look down on in condescension. Look at how they treat Pelosi and anyone else that doesn't dance to their tune. They are determining the 'in crowd', demanding THEY get the best and be treated like a princess. It's UGLY when it's in high school, it's UGLIER in 30 year old women. long as they think it makes them look oh so strong they'll continue to turn off all but the most leftist women, and men.