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Al Franken was pushed out of Senate by Chuck Schumer in secret bedside ultimatum

New York Daily News

Al Franken was forced to resign from the Senate by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who reportedly delivered a bedside “quit now” ultimatum to the ex-Saturday Night Live funny man in a secret meeting as sex harassment allegations mushroomed.

Franken says Schumer refused to allow him to present his side of a damning photo that showed him fondling a female comedian’s breasts and gave him just a few hours to resign, The New Yorker reported Monday.

Intead, Schumer, sitting on the side of his bed, warned Franken that he would rally Democratic senators against him after summoning the Minnesota senator to his Washington D.C. apartment on Dec. 1, 2016.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Franken said, according to the magazine. “I asked him for due process and he said no.”

I could have sworn I was told that Gillibrand masterminded the whole plot and everyone else was just a weak-willed lackey.
tblue37 (32,440 posts)

1. He did NOT fondle her breasts. His hands never touched her. It was a jokey pretense. nt
Uh huh. Now "joking" about fondling/sexually abusing a woman is OK.

Vinca (42,142 posts)

2. I'd love to know how any breast can be fondled with a flack jacket on.
mr_lebowski (8,924 posts)

6. I don't mean to ... uh .... downplay it ...

But wasn't it just a photo of his flat hand lightly resting on her breast area, and underneath it, there was not only a shirt, but also under that, a bullet-proof flak jacket? And it was just a gag for a magazine cover (or something to that effect)?

I have a hard time with any publication calling that a 'photo of him fondling (the woman's) breasts'.

It really doesn't meet the criteria, as it were.

But maybe that's just me
eppur_se_muova (29,755 posts)

9. It wasn't even clear if he was touching her -- his hand was between her and the camera, but ...

that's all you could say for certain. The photo was taken on board a transport plane, during a USO tour. They were traveling between gigs, and she fell asleep. So they set up a joke photo w/ Franken pretending to grope her. Harmless stuff, and Dems were extremely useful (to Uglicans) idiots to hound Franken out of the Senate.
Karadeniz (2,234 posts)

8. He was ACTING!!!...hamming it up for the camera. Very cowardly of Schumer. Easier to

throw someone under the bus than stand up for him. Shameful.