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    budkin (3,842 posts)

    Trump's approval rating is at the highest it's been in over two years - POST RACIST COMMENTS

    This isn't just one poll, it's an average.

    Absolutely DISGUSTING. WTF is wrong with people?


    What's wrong with people? Everyone but the most partisan leftists know that what President Trump said was not racist. It had NOTHING to do with their skin color and EVERYTHING to do with the lies they have told, their antisemitism and their obvious dislike and hatred of the United States. He'd have said the same thing if they or their families had recently immigrated from Europe and lily white skin.

    The more the idiots claim "racism" when it is clear there is no racism, the more people will see that Democrats are are partisan hacks that are using racism as a political weapon. True racism needs to be addressed but when Democrats claim that all Republicans are "racist" and that simply disagreeing with a liberal black or brown person is 'racism' and all the rest of the crap they pull diminishes true racism.
    uponit7771 (56,493 posts)

    2. Cause 538 CONTINUES to add skank ass'd polls like rAssMussen into the mix!! The B+ rated polls have

    ... him still low.
    drray23 (3,256 posts)

    3. Let's face it. We have a country where half of the people are racist.

    The civil rights movement which triggered a number of important changes to laws and society did not fix the problem. It just made it so that it was no longer acceptable to be openly racist. Now Trump has normalized those racist behaviors again and they are coming out hiding.
    Mmmmmm. That's a winner. Anyone who isn't a Democrat is a 'racist'.
    Caliman73 (4,765 posts)

    8. Basic human psychology and likely aggregation of particularly favorable polls.

    It isn't even about all of those people who have participated to elevate Trump's current approval ratings are doing it because of the racist comments.

    There is a solid but small base of truly racist supporters of Trump who account for the majority of his approval. Then we have a combination of "ingroup v. outgroup" bias where the idea that someone "on my team" is being attacked is enough to swing a few more people to approving Trump just because he is being "unfairly maligned" by opponents. There are also likely people who are activated by Trump's apparent "decisiveness". We see people saying, "I don't like what he does sometimes but he, tells it like it is", which means that he does not use more nuanced language that most people understand to be intelligent, but some see as dishonesty. Certain people have a bias toward decisiveness, even if it is wrong and see nuance as weakness.

    Finally, there are specific polls which report high approval, normally conservative or conservative leaning organizations, that skew the averages. The average is only .7% or so higher than recent averages and still below his highest levels.

    I would not put too much into it.
    Ahhhhhh. So it's just "Trump supporters" that are racist. And he has a really small base of supporters. OK.

    Doodley (4,859 posts)

    13. He will win again if Dems keep bringing a knife to a gunfight.
    doc03 (21,884 posts)

    15. I think it accurately reflects the way many people feel about the targets of

    his attacks. He has managed to marry socialism to race and it is working. That is the kind of campaign he is going to
    run the SOB is shameless.
    He's 'managed to marry socialism to race'. Well if that's what the idiot wants to believe. However it is DEMOCRATS who are pushing for socialism - white ones as well as the black and brown ones.
    jcgoldie (3,701 posts)

    18. The relevant point isnt that its the highest its been in 2 years

    ... The increase is almost negligible. The more important point to realize (which speaks to your argument) is that its intractable... the aggregate has been stuck in the mud at 42% approve - 52% disapprove give or take one percent on either end for that entire duration. Current events no matter how outlandish or ridiculous seem to have almost zero effect on it. Partly that is probably a result of the media bubble that people place themselves in nowadays... getting all of their information from sources which are already tailored to what they want to hear.

    I understand and concur that it is very disappointing to think about 42% of our countrymen still supporting this racist misogynist narcissistic piece of shit. But on the bright side it means all we have to do is get out the vote and we will win. The embarrassing and hateful episodes may not erode from his floor because those people either share his ignorance or simply don't care... but they certainly seem to have cemented his ceiling... which is still significantly underwater... and more so than it was in 2016.
    Right. I hope they really do 'get out the vote'. Especially in New York and California. Democrats can't stand us 'fly over deplorables so they congregate together. As they keep telling us they refuse to associate with us.
    RobinA (6,802 posts)

    20. Dems Need To Start

    running on issues other than Trumpís comments. His vileness was on display before he was elected, a lot of people donít care. Trump is not the biggest problem this country has, heís simply the loudest.
    Good plan. Open borders. "Free healthcare" for illegals while taxing everyone else, single payer health care, baby killing right up to and including directly after birth -billed of course as 'health care', High taxes...........what's not to like.
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    Yes bidkin, us racists love us some Trump.

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    Maybe you jerkazoids would have a platform if you hadn't been screaming " RUSSIA ... RUSSIA ... RUSSIA !!!!!!! " for the last two and half years.
    And the stuff you got, nobody wants, open borers, higher taxes , killing/chasing off jobs; do you really think the American people have been demanding that shit? Do you?

    Sorry, but the Democrats have long since been taken over by SJWs, NPCs, Moonbats and other mentally ill Far Left jerkazoids with no grasp of reality.
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    budkin (3,842 posts)

    Trump's approval rating is at the highest it's been in over two years - POST RACIST COMMENTS

    This isn't just one poll, it's an average.

    Absolutely DISGUSTING. WTF is wrong with people?
    They've rejected the MSM's lie that Trump is a racist.
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