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  1. #1 Beto Proposes $500 Billion Dollar Plan to Address ‘Education Inequality’ 
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    Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is releasing a plan to address structural inequality in education ahead of his appearance at the NAACP National Convention in Detroit Wednesday. The plan, obtained exclusively by CBS News, includes the creation of a $500 billion “Permanent Fund for Equity and Excellence” in an effort to close the funding gap between predominately white and non-white school districts.

    Other tenets of the plan include ending racial disparities in school disciplinary measures, providing student debt relief for educators and investing in the teacher pipeline to increase diversity within the teaching profession.

    “Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, and America’s schools still remain segregated,” O’Rourke said in a statement.

    “The effects of a system where students of color are disciplined at alarmingly higher rates than white students, where funding favors white school districts over nonwhite districts, or where white teachers far outnumber black teachers live on well beyond students leaving the classroom. We must be relentless in our fight for equity and full opportunity in our schools, our education system, and across society.”
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    Cant stand to watch him talk, so twitchy...looks like he's trying to land planes on an aircraft carrier with all the arm waving...
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    Beto is...odd to watch. It seems like he waits to find out what the hottest talking point for the week is then latches onto it which means he's all over the place. He has no idea what he's doing. He was the kid in high school that got the brand new car for his 16th birthday and always had family connections to land him in high up positions. He's a classic case of what happens when a person is helped out too much throughout life and is suddenly left to his own devices.
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    Throwing $$ around will solve nothing. It doesn't change the choices of 10s of millions to screw around during school and take fluffy college majors that have no career paths. I've worked in tech here in Silicon Valley for over 40 years. I have seen very few Hispanics or blacks working in tech, and very few women (almost all I've worked with have been from east and south Asia, BTW). It's not racial or gender discrimination, because I've worked with many east and south Asians, including women. It's people's individual choices. Not many Hispanics and blacks choose to go into tech, for as many reasons as people making that choice. And guess what? You know all the howling at the lack of blacks, Hispanics, and women in tech companies' senior management? It's because of the small number of blacks, Hispanics, and women who started at the bottom floor, years or decades ago, as junior engineers and technicians. Because manglers get into those positions through years of climbing the ladder into those positions, not by being minted as CEOs straight out of the university.

    Throwing a massive arbitrary amount of government $$ at a situation cannot undo the choices of 10s of millions of people.
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