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I think it's a good thing that a now re-unified Germany does not have a strong military, naval or otherwise. In 2045, it'll be 100 years since their defeat in WWII. Then they can rebuild their military.

But England and France need to keep theirs going. In a geographic sense, Italy should rule the Mediterranean, but their government has been so corrupt for so long, they never will have the navy they need to do so.
I was in Dresden and Berlin in 2001 and 2002. The company I work for was building a semiconductor factory in Dresden, so I knew some of the Germans who came here to train in our factory in Austin. They told me when the USA and the Brits firebombed Dresden, it could be seen 100 miles away in Berlin. Folklore? Maybe? From a strategic standpoint, Iím not sure that firebombing Dresden to ashes was really necessary.