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    No right thinking person, Republican or Democrat could even consider any one of those clowns running on the Democrat side. When you make Hillary Clinton sound centrist you know you're bad. However, elections have been wrought with fraud as of late. Ballots being found in back rooms or being loaded onto trucks in the dead of night or malfunctioning voting machines...all favoring the Democrat I might add. So IMO the only way a Democrat wins is through fraud because I don't see people, blacks, Hispanics, and women included giving up their economic gains all in the name of social issues because every Democrat has promised to roll back everything Trump and the GOP have done.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    The only scenario that I fear is the democrats winning the Presidency, House and Senate. There is a chance they would change the rules on cloture. Barring this extremely unlikely possibility it will just be back to the swamp for four years. None of their lunatic economic policies will be enacted. The courts will limit rule by E.O. None of them have a clue about foreign policy and will be swayed by the swamp from any outright suicidal actions. We will survive, we will recover.

    Barring a nuclear war or global economic collapse ...

    Don't worry, be happy!

    PS My realistic prediction at this point in time is a Trump/Republican landslide victory.
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