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Welcome to CU. You'll fit in fine. Like you I don't believe in posting my pic all over the internet, even here on our own board. It used to be that I didn't want my accounts (was in sales to state, local and fed govt's) to know my actual beliefs. Now that I've retired it's just a habit I guess. After working with the feds and other levels of gov't, I don't have much faith in them. I voted for Trump, but not enthusiastically. Now I really appreciate the man and get upset with all the attacks on him. God protect our country if one of the gang of 23 (or whatever their # is now) would get elected.

Thanks for your (and everyone's) vote of confidence! I like you and another member I think have experience with the spooky side of government. At the tender age of 17 I joined the US Army (101st) with my parents consent. Unknown to me I was color blind and though I wanted a combat engineer (Demolitions) job my choice of MOS's was limited to two! A cook or a clerk. I was demoralized, pissed and more pissed, but I ate it and chose clerk at the urging of a ex sp forces (ranger) friend. I went from clerk AT to administration specialist, then to my delight volunteered for PsyOps training at the end of my standard AT (advanced training).

Back then PsyOps was called something else. I was a low level flunky but as I made friends in fairly high places I learned just how nasty our government black ops could get, and how advanced spy craft was. It shook me. I began being not so naively trusting of our government and authority figures. That was years to decades ago. Then til now a few other events that I will not mention enlighten me to how far our authorities could or would go. Then a couple of old movies even though fictional influenced me, one was day of the condor with Redford and the other was enemy of the state, with W. Smith and Hackman. I learned NASA (NSA?) had been lying to us, using the scientific exploration explanation to cover their true propose which was military.

Then the recent disclosures of NSA and FBI spying on common citizens etc. was a big red flag pointing to our eroding constitutional rights. Don't get me wrong I love my country, and some of our leaders. I agree in this age every nation needs black ops but our nation, a nation that was founded on individual rights including various freedoms is dangerously close to becoming an not so free nation.

Anyway back to social media its not just spooky NSA FBI types that are harvesting our information that we so freely incriminate ourselves by posting, its prospective employers, insurance companies, etc that glean information that could harm us if our information landed in the wrong hands. So I tried stretching my avatar but it looks more silly than the squished one in use.... I am working on a new one....in closing I am not so naïve to think I can fool government agencies by my feeble attempts of protecting my info and stuff, but like the saying ; putting a lock on a fence only deters an honest man, my simple 'security devices' only help guard against those that are not trying too hard to mine my information etc.