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    Finally! It took a bit of time to make me a bonifide member! I thought I might not be conservative enough, or too conservative, or too bald...Well I am from east Tennessee, born here eft here at 17 after dropping out of HS and got married then joined the army (101st Airborne), no excitement, stayed stateside , Ft Knox, Ft Campbell Ky. Got out of the army Got divorced. Ha! Went to work as an Journeyman Ironworker for a international company (Fluor Daniel, now Fluor service group). I was never at home, man I missed the mountains and bad! I went to college after getting my GED earned a BS going to night school, that kept me out of the bars, most of the time! Worked all over the US and did a couple of hi rises in the middle east. I wrecked my beloved custom Harley Davidson and just about ended my life. I was busted up and it took over five years of operations etc to get as good as I could get which is, well not that good! But that accident saved my real life. What does that mean? The night of the accident I about bled to death. As I lay there I had an NDE and met God, or maybe it was an angel. I didn't see him or her but he spoke to me asking if I wanted to die without knowing him! I am a 'born again' Christian. Up till that night I was heading down a dead end road. Anyway I am a conservative, I do like Trump, I believe he is on his way to saving our nation! I think the left especially the progressive liberals are possessed by the devil, and still don't know how they happened! Some of them should be jailed for treason I really do, they are full blown traitors. Well I got off on a couple of tangents I didn't mean to. Fell free to ask me anything, I will be happy to answer. I hope to be an asset to this forum and also look forward to seeing you al' in the forum! ~~~

    Oh one last thing. I absolutely do not trust the powers that be, the government various authority figures, serial killers and other nuts. That is why I do not paste my face all over social media and other public access venues. My avatar is me....kind of. I lightly to moderately photoshop my mug every time its posted on social media etc! If you knew me you might recognize the avatar was me. Just being careful, healthy paranoia is a good thing!
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