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  1. #1 Multiple cases’ of chickenpox confirmed among migrants at Portland Expo 
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    The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating “multiple cases” of chickenpox among migrants sheltering at the Portland Expo and is urging volunteers to watch for potential symptoms.

    A spokeswoman for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services did not provide an exact figure of confirmed cases of chickenpox because the “circumstances are fluid” as the agency awaits additional lab results. But the department said all asylum seekers staying at the Expo “are already considered exposed” to the contagious viral disease, which manifests itself as an itchy rash.

    “The number of reported cases we are investigating is in the single digits,” DHHS spokeswoman Jackie Farwell said in an email Saturday. “We can provide a total number of confirmed cases once we have that figure. Maine CDC released this information to health providers and volunteers out of an abundance of caution and in the interest of transparency.”
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    I guess it's bound to happen in areas that welcome so many of the immigrants. They'll be lucky if chicken pox is all they get from our visitors.

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    This was my contention about the measles outbreak that everyone was blaming on anti-vaxxers.
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    Another disease that is easily prevented by getting the vaccine, just like measles. I don't blame anti-vaxxers for the presence of diseases like chickenpox or the measles, but if their kids get it because they weren't vaccinated, I'm not blaming the illegal immigrants for it.

    The measles can be serious. Chickenpox is only serious if adults or a kid with other health issues gets it. It's uncomfortable as hell, but most of us survived.
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