Interesting comment:
Tel | August 6, 2019 at 4:26 pm

“White Supremacy” is code for Western culture: science, logic, reason, representative government, natural rights, the Protestant work ethic and self control and wealth creation: in short, European/American cultural practices that have created the most advanced civilization the world has ever known.

The barbarians at the gates who believe that “Western Civ has go to go” (according to the 1990s era chant at Stanford) are the stormtroopers of a global criminal class that want this advanced culture utterly destroyed. The attack is financial (endless debt/Cloward-Piven), bureaucratic, and spiritual. But the biggest part of the battle is demoralization–the idea that American culture (and the European practices from which it came) are morally bankrupt, racist, or just “over”.

We’ve seen this demoralization before in the generation before World War I in Europe. Then WWI laid waste to two empires and Europe’s last shred of self belief. With the defeat of Germany in WWII, Europe was ready to be re-formed, re-made as communist (called “socialist”) countries.

It’s time, then, to realize that history is repeating itself and to STOP using their terminology. “White supremacy” doesn’t exist as a coherent philosophy nor even as a social force, outside of a few fringe groups, most of which are infiltrated by the FBI.

But what the Left means by “white supremacy” is the underlying matrix of our society as a whole.

So, Mr. President, let us NOT “condemn white supremacy”, even if what we mean by it is those fringe groups and their representatives. Let us condemn violence, let us condemn hatred, let us condemn prejudice. But do NOT use their term because, to them, it is a wholesale condemnation of US.