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    “Dark psychic forces,” you might say:

    A group of supporters of 2020 White House hopeful and Marianne Williamson has put together an “occult task force” in support of the spiritual guru; however, her campaign is none too pleased about the move.
    In an interview with the Washington Post, the anonymous individual heading up the “task force” told the Jeff-Bezos owned newspaper that 13 witches, chaos magicians, and energy workers performed “gestures” in an effort to get Williamson more speaking time during Tuesday’s Democrat presidential primary debate in Detriot, Michigan.
    “The whole orb gang community is tapping into the power of memes to reflect back on, and multiply, the sort of pulsing undercurrents of our collective unconscious,” the person emailed the Post. According to the publication, Williamson supporters refer to themselves as the “orb gang,” who share memes of the candidate on social media.

    Basing such a story on an anonymous email? Professional Journalism!

    Leaving aside metaphysical speculation about weird occult phenomena, let’s talk real politics: The Democratic National Committee has set a deadline of Aug. 28 for presidential candidates to qualify for the next round of debates in September. One of the criteria is having 130,000 unique donors and, as of 8 p.m., Marianne Williamson was at 113,521. That means she needs to get 16,479 new donors in the next three weeks.

    Even a contribution of one dollar counts toward that total.
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    Not true. Hillary has already run for president.
    Leftism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    Democrats, the party of science. /sarc
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    They were in the backround during the coverage of the crowd outside of the debates, but CNN tried to keep the cameras off of them.

    I think Marianne pissed off Maher last week on his show. His show has an order to it-first, he gives a monologue, then he has his first interview guest, who is usually someone from either politics or entertainment, but the topic is usually politics or science. Then he introduces his panel of usually 3 people, and they discuss several topics. After that, he plays some silly short film that makes fun of someone, usually Trump, these days. Then the 2nd guest comes on, joins the panel. He closes with his "New Rules" segment which is him making short jokes about things then ending with a long rant.

    So last week in the "New Rules" segment, he was basically ranting about the far left candidates, and quoted The Beatles by "you say you want a revolution". Then, Katniss Williamson elbowed her way into the camera shot to make it look like she was the needed revolution.

    She's not a witch in the Wicca sense, she's a new ager. She preaches A Course In Miracles, which is allegedly about Jesus and psychology. The Course is something I tried. After a while I realized it was stupid. It's made her very wealthy, though. They used to call her the "love guru".
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    Is that woman holding the skull of a Jackalope in her hands?
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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