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  1. #1 Nadler presses ahead with impeachment probe as Pelosi keeps door open 
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    By Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb, CNN
    Updated 10:00 AM ET, Fri August 9, 2019

    (CNN) The House Judiciary Committee is now engaged in a full-blown investigation and legal fight with the goal of deciding whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump by the end of the year, according to Democratic officials involved in the effort.

    Recent court filings and public statements by top Democrats point to a dramatic escalation after lawmakers debated internally for months over mounting an impeachment inquiry into the President.

    As additional House Democrats continue to call for the House Judiciary Committee to launch an impeachment inquiry which more than half the caucus now supports Democratic sources say the issue is essentially moot since what the panel is doing is basically that: investigating whether Trump should be impeached.

    "This is formal impeachment proceedings," Nader told CNN's Erin Burnett Thursday on "OutFront."

    Man, the pure hatred of the Democratics
    is a sight to behold! They just can't help

    Go right ahead, the next thing will be
    Nadler foaming at the mouth...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    The closer they do this to election time the more Trump is going to win so I say by all means.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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