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Where's the body?

How does someone hang from a neon light-tube that they can't reach?

The murderer(s) can only hope that the heat swirls-and-swirls until they can find a way to claw out of it. They picked the murder-option, but they couldn't pick the timing of it... though Congress' recess may've played a tiny tiny part.
Not for nothing but if someone has the will to die, they will do it. Let me give you an example:

About 5 years ago we had an inmate in my unit which was the extended care unit. He was a frail older man who was wheelchair bound. We had to send him upstairs to the infirmary rooms which were negative pressure rooms(for communicable diseases like chicken pox and TB) because the nurses thought he had chicken pox. Later that night, they ran pill call which is room to room and the floor officer and the nurse gave him his meds last(his was the last room closest to the LCP or desk area which was cell 28). We're required to do security checks every 30 minutes and after pill call. The officer did his tour which takes roughly 10 minutes. When he got to cell 28, the little frail old man was swinging from a ceiling vent grate dead as a doornail. The guy rarely ever got out of his wheelchair and I figured he was too frail to do so only to go to the can or to bed but here he was swinging from a grate 10 feet from the ground. So, it can happen.