CHRIS CUOMO Enraged After Guy Hurls Italian Slur ...
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went nuclear on a guy who called him a derogatory name, threatening to beat his ass.*

Chris was in NY Sunday when a guy approached him and called him "Fredo" ... the insulting name of a character in "The Godfather" ... a name that connotes weakness.

Chris is from a proud Italian family and it set him off, challenging the man, threatening ... "I'll f***in' ruin your sh*t. I'll f***in' throw you down these stairs."

Cuomo told the guy ... the name "Fredo" is as offensive to Italians as the n-word is to African Americans*
Usual DUmp panties in a bunch discussing this all important topic. But let's get this straight, Fredo is not an ethnic slur. It simply describes someone as the dumb brother in a family.

But hidden inside the thread, the legend in his own mind PCIntern has to toss in a really unrelated Bouncy:

3. Good for him...

I donít blame him for going off. Iíve done that on the street: I was walking past a fur shop on Walnut Street here in Philly where An animal rights group was demonstrating. I had no problem with that , Iím kind of with them. A older Jewish woman, wearing a fur was being accosted, and some miscreant used the K word. I told him to get the fuck out of the ladyís way with his foul mouth or Iíd take him out right there. Heíd never heard my booming voice before and that scared the crap out of him more than my moderate physical presence. I was calling him every name in the book and his buddies were cowed. I walked the lady to the corner and made sure she was ok. I told her I wasnít thrilled with furs but she had a right to walk the streets safely and unencumbered. Furs are not illegal last I looked. She was very upset and never wanted to wear it again. I suggested that that might be a good idea for various reasons particularly with all the aggressive people out there.*

There is something about ethnic intimidation that gets to you on a fundamental level.