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  1. #1 Dead Baby Thrown In N.J. Hospital Garbage,Search Of Dumps In N.J., Penn. 
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    Funeral Home Contacts Mother, Says It Never Got Body; Search Of Dumps In N.J., Penn.,
    To Commence ,The child's family wants to know how it happened and where the baby's remains are now.

    Bashire Moore was born days before Christmas with a weak heart that would kill him and when the funeral home came for the body, one tragedy was compounded by another. The funeral home came to get the boy and his body wasn't there. "I looked at them and said, 'Excuse me?' And they were like. 'We can't find your son,'" mother Kalynn Moore said.

    You heard it right. The baby born at Christ Hospital was lost. Moore's cousin, Nikia Royster, said she accompanied the baby to the morgue. "He had ID bracelets on both ankles," Royster said. "There was a tag on the t-shirt, and a tag on the blankets." The funeral home came to the hospital 11 days after the birth of the baby, a child the family said lived for 20 minutes. The hospital and prosecutor said he was still born.

    Michael Anise, the lawyer representing the Moores, said the hospital isn't talking. He even asked hospital administrators to hand over surveillance tapes. "How many other babies passed away that day? Could some other family have Bashire or have buried Bashire? We don't know. Look at the tapes folks," Anise said.

    Meanwhile, investigators will begin sifting through dumps in New Jersey and Pennsylvania is search of the little boy, while his traumatized mother demands answers.

    "I can't believe that somebody threw my son out," Kalynn Moore said. "My son was supposed to be in the freezer. How did my son go from the freezer to the garbage? That's what I really want to know?"Christ Hospital said it is working with authorities and that "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, and we hope to bring this unfortunate situation to a resolution as soon as possible."The search for the baby's body may begin as soon as Tuesday.

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