Pete Buttigieg says he will aid families in rural America by importing more migrants — even though mass-migration policies are already pulling wealth and young Americans from rural areas into major cities.

His August 13 plan, titled “Investing in an American asset: Unleashing the Potential of Rural America,” says:

Pete will create a new, place-based Community Renewal visa to provide opportunities for people who want to move to America and help build our economy where they are needed most and where they will do well. These visas will be targeted toward counties that have lost prime-working-age population over the last 10 years, and smaller cities that are struggling to keep pace economically with larger cities.

The plan is based on a proposal by seven investors who formed the Economic Innovation Group to promote greater immigration onto real estate outside the major cities.

The investors’ say their “Heartland Visas” would add to the current inflow of roughly one million legal immigrants each year and would expand the labor supply and housing demand in communities around the nation. “A place-based visa program would allow mutually-advantageous matches to be made between skilled immigrants and places wishing to attract more human capital,” according to EIG’s investors