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  1. #1 Do Democrats have enough evidence to impeach ? 
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    kentuck (92,652 posts)

    Do Democrats have enough evidence to impeach ?

    If so, then the question must be, why not?

    Are they fearful of political consequences? If that is the case, then we should ask if these folks are truly representing our interests? Are they representing the best interests of our nation?

    If they were truly representing the interests of the nation, they would not say such nonsense as, "They would never convict in the Senate".

    Instead, they would implore and persuade enough Senators to vote for their country, rather than their Party. They would not surrender to their fears and political desires.

    If indeed Donald Trump is as incompetent, unstable, dangerous, and unpredictable as most people believe, then do we not have a responsibility to get him out of office as soon as possible? Who should we blame for letting him continue to tear down our country and our democracy?

    Who should the people blame if Donald Trump is still on the ticket in November 2020 ?


    If Democrats had EVIDENCE of ILLEGAL ACTIONS in order to impeach President Trump they would have already done so. That's why they haven't though that hasn't kept them from lying and using innuendo to disparage him and to act like they are going to impeach him.

    dumbcat (1,723 posts)

    9. Don't need any evidence

    Just need votes. I doubt any evidence gathered or presented is going to change many, if any, votes.

    Even if impeached, the evidence is presented to the Senators. They sit in judgement of it. It's their votes that count. And it will be all about optics.
    And Pelosi knows what it will look like it they impeach him or try to impeach him without any evidence of wrong doing. Many of the DUmmies don't care though, because it's all about HATE.

    kentuck (92,652 posts)

    14. Do you think Democrats will pay a heavy price if they do not impeach?

    I think it is very possible. It could be worse than anything they might have imagined? There will be a price to pay.
    spanone (114,288 posts)

    15. Yes I do. Trump will pummel us for not impeaching. He'll do the same if senate doesn't convict.

    I'd rather be on the offense. Impeach.
    tirebiter (627 posts)

    16. The question is

    will Republicans pay a heavier price if they convict v no conviction?

    We do not need another 2016 situation where we lose even when we win. That’s the system. Use it wisely.
    Qutzupalotl (11,070 posts)

    18. Yes, many times over.

    He has committed enough misconduct in plain sight to impeach. And any one of Mueller’s multiple instances of obstruction would be enough to impeach.

    I think the Democratic House is lining up further hard evidence, such as financial records, that will prove financial crimes. But conduct does not have to be criminal to be impeachable, so there will be a lot of articles when they pull the trigger, which I hope they will.

    A competent House would have impeached him in 2017 just for violating the Emoluments Clause. That’s on Ryan; Pelosi can add it to the pile of impeachable misconduct. Congress is the appropriate venue to seek a remedy here, unlike outside groups such as CREW who lack standing for a court challenge.

    Other articles I hope they’re considering include violations of the Presidential Records Act. We’re supposed to get readouts of all meetings with foreign leaders, so we can see the president is really working for us. Trump has met secretly with Putin several times now, each time hiding the translator’s or witness’ notes.

    I’ve said this elsewhere, but it DOES NOT MATTER — AT ALL — what the Senate does. If they show themselves to be spineless, gutless cowards afraid to call out a traitorous bunch, so be it. All the more fodder for 2020 attack ads against them.
    In other words Democrats are criminalizing things that are illegal or order to claim that there is evidence to impeach him. Claiming it and using it to impeach him are two different things however.

    kentuck (92,652 posts)

    19. I agree.

    There is enough evidence to impeach ten times over.

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    dumbcat (1,723 posts)

    9. Don't need any evidence

    Just need votes. ...
    I do not think DU member dumbcat mean to to admit what (s)he just admitted. Unless (s)he was moling.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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