Democrats/leftists (same thing these days) have to keep dishing the propaganda to keep the DUmmies in their party IN their party and to convince themselves of the lies they tell daily.

Atticus (6,003 posts)

Some have suggested that "traditional" Republicans break away from the GOP and

start their own new party. If they do, I have the perfect mascot for them: the ostrich. Like the big bird that responds to trouble by hiding his head in the sand, these folks have trouble even acknowledging obvious dangers.

Trump was widely known to be an incurious self-centered buffoon even before he rode down that escalator spouting racist tripe. The traditional---"good"---Republicans responded to his candidacy by sniffing and looking the other way.

Trump bragged about his repeated sexual assaults of women in a tape repeatedly played every day for weeks. The "good" Republicans said "tsk-tsk, but---her emails!"

Trump referred to neo-nazis and white supremacists as fine people. The "good" Republicans said "So?"

Trump kidnapped children and even babies and kept them in cold, filthy, crowded cages. "Good" Republicans compared the conditions to summer camp.

Trump has told over 12,000 lies since his inauguration. The "good" Republicans say "Wha-a-a?"

On second thought, maybe the ostrich isn't so appropriate. "In the sand" is not where "good" Republicans have stuck their heads these past three years.
Meanwhile they ignore the FACT that Hillary blatantly violated rules, laws and regulations regarding sensitive national security materials with her unsecured home brew server. And they ignore her blatant pay to play schemes to enrich their family.

And the lies? Many of them are leftist haters deliberately misstating what he said, taking sarcasm and hyperbole as "fact" and nit picking what he said. Meanwhile they ignore all the DELIBERATE LIES by Obama and his minions regarding Obamacare and the like.

Baseless propaganda, lies and HATE isn't going to convince people to vote for the Democrat.