Demovictory9 (7,463 posts)

four mentions about crowd size in less than 24 hours. we get it trump

Donald J. Trump
Look at the tremendous overflow at packed arena in New Hampshire last night. Sorry we couldn’t get you in, will be back soon!
librechik (29,465 posts) 3. what women know that Trump ought to: It's not the size

It's the way you use it. That's how he got into his current uncomfortable position.

Others can play that game, Donald.

CatWoman (72,055 posts)

4. LOL - #EmptySeatMAGATour is Trending.

Right, there were some empty seats since the Secret Service closed it down before the last several hundred seats could be taken. Triple that or more watched on the jumbotran outside.

Meanwhile Democrats are THRILLED if they manage to fill up a 700 seat stadium. Most have a fraction of that number not to mention compared to President Trump's numbers.