So this “water crisis” existed while Cory Booker was Mayor and Water Commission Chairman? Pray tell, Spartacus, what did you do about it?

As Mayor of Newark, Booker was also chairman of the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation which went bankrupt at the end of his seven-year tenure. His personally-appointed Executive Director was sentenced to eight years in prison for taking a $1 million bribe, and as Chairman, Booker never attended a single board meeting and yet Newark’s water was never fixed.

In this case, he not only was “responsible” based on his title of Mayor, but also directly responsible, and he failed in his duty. It’s outrageous that he would then speak out on how bad the situation is.

Now, Booker wants what he calls the federal government to take care of it. He means the taxpayers from all states should clean up his mess. If you do some research, you will find tax dollars already went there to help fix things. Booker left a mess they say, so Booker should have to go back there and clean up his mess on his dime and his own time. Is anyone out there sick of the crooked politicians?