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  1. #1 Biden: 'There's an awful lot of really good Republicans out there' 
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    That's all that's needed to rile the DUmp up - Suggest that there are a lot of good Republicans. So far over 350 comments.

    left-of-center2012 (17,740 posts) Biden: 'There's an awful lot of really good Republicans out there'

    White House hopeful Joe Biden doubled down on his vow to cooperate with Republicans should he be elected president, saying he successfully worked across the aisle as vice president.

    “There’s an awful lot of really good Republicans out there,” he said Saturday at a Massachusetts fundraiser. “I get in trouble for saying that with Democrats, but the truth of the matter is, every time we ever got in trouble with our administration, remember who got sent up to Capitol Hill to fix it? Me. Because they know I respect the other team.”

    Biden acknowledged that while Republicans and Democrats appear at odds on most issues plaguing Washington but said many conservatives are being “intimidated” to follow in lock step with President Trump.

    “They’re decent people. They ran because they care about things, but they’re intimidated right now,” he told the fundraiser’s attendees.


    loyalsister (12,933 posts)

    179. They made a choice

    Republicans who lived through the cold war chose Russia and Trump in order to get the policies they wanted. That includes many who are still in office. I suppose the NRA figuratively held guns to their heads but intimidation is not enough to forgive or justify giving in and supporting Trump and his agenda.
    What would have been a valid point in 2015 can not stand up now. They picked a side and it was not us.
    And that's were today's Democrats are at, they didn't choose OUR SIDE so we must DESTROY them.

    CaliforniaPeggy (129,363 posts)

    3. Look, Joe, saying this is not good.

    You're living in the past and that sort of bipartisanship just does not exist these days. It's delusional to think that it does.

    I will vote for you if you get the nomination, but it won't be the joyous act of a truly committed Democrat. I will be sad for what might have been.
    House of Roberts (2,319 posts)

    4. Why couldn't the Dems get 60 Senate votes to break filibusters then?

    It wouldn't have taken more than two or three 'really good Republicans'.
    Got it. "Good Republicans" vote with Democrats..........always.

    dalton99a (39,305 posts)

    6. The good people who see nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing, and defend Trump at every turn.

    Do you really have to praise Republicans in a Democratic primary, Joe?
    Skittles (122,489 posts) 7. no, there IS NOT

    anyone who supports a party that is homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-science, anti-worker etc IS NOT A GOOD PERSON
    None of that is true, that's not who or what Republicans are but the Jack*ss propagandists are out in force trying convince people it is.
    NRaleighLiberal (48,406 posts)

    15. WTF? Not any more. They are the cult of trump. Not helpful, Joe. And, not true.
    myohmy2 (623 posts)

    73. "There's an awful lot of really good Republicans out there,"

    ...but there's an awful lot more really bad republicans out there...most republicans are scum...

    ...does he really want to be our President?


    Hate - it's what they're all about. The even hate when one of their candidates doesn't express an 'appropriate' amount of hatred toward Republicans.
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    How dare Creepy Joe contradict Hillary!
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    As I remember DU, you guys were rooting for the Soviets and Red China to win the Cold War ...
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