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  1. #1 A desperate narcissist is going to get his ass kicked in the 2020 election for these 
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    shockey80 (2,407 posts)

    A desperate narcissist is going to get his ass kicked in the 2020 election for these reasons.

    Trump has a long history of quitting when he knows he is going to lose. However, Trump knows the presidency is protecting from being indicted. That may stop him from quitting the race. Trump is going to become extremely desperate and he will make mistakes, commit more crimes trying to stop the inevitable, He is going to lose.

    Trump won the 2016 election through a series of freak events that will not repeat itself this time.

    Clinton is not running this time. She had disapproval numbers ( because of years of propaganda) nearly as bad as Trump.

    Many Sanders voters were pissed off at Clinton so they voted for Trump because of trade policies.

    Many voters did not like Trump or Clinton, the majority of them voted for Trump. They decided to try something new. There was Clinton fatigue.

    Many people who voted for Trump did not know him. Now they do. They thought Trump was a great business man who would not act so crazy once he became president.

    Trump has not gained one voter since he became president, he has lost many voters. That math says he can't win.

    People are locked in when it comes to their view of Trump. His base will stay with him and the rest of the American people have had enough of his bullshit. He can't change that.

    The economy will probably get worse over the next year. That will hurt Trump badly.

    The investigations will continue and pick up steam. This will be bad news for Trump.

    The good news is Trump is going to lose the election. The bad news is, what will a desperate narcissist do in order to save himself?
    lol. I think the narcissist who is going to get his ass kicked is Shockey.

    Shockey acts like whatever he/she announces will magically happen because he/she announces it. Or else hopes it will brainwash and propagandize the DUmmies.

    Mister Ed (2,892 posts)
    1. Stone cold truth.

    "Trump has not gained one voter since he became president, he has lost many voters. That math says he can't win."
    lol. Right.

    I seem to remember many DUers claiming that there is no way that President Trump could win the first time too. Now they're so angry and embarrassed that they're claiming he 'stole' the election.

    LastLiberal in PalmSprings (9,138 posts)

    3. What will he do to save himself? Whatever it takes.

    First and foremost, if he loses he'll refuse to concede, claiming -- without evidence -- massive voter fraud. There's precedent for this in 2016 during a debate when he was asked, "Are you willing to accept the results of the election?" "I will if they show I win."

    He's already claiming the vote is going to be rigged against him.

    He has built a legal barricade of federal district judges and appellate judges, and has a lock on the SCOTUS, so any legal attempt to force him out of office will drag on and on.

    He can always fall back on declaring a national emergency, which gives him virtually unlimited powers.

    Say what you will about hme, Fat Donnie has an incredible survival ability. If the electorate turns against him -- and even Putin can't cause a win -- he will fight to survive, and to hell with the country and rule of law.

    This is who the deplorable have saddled us with.
    I don't see him doing this but considering how Democrats still have not accepted the results of the last election and Stacy Abrams refused to concede claiming her black skin made her entitled, I guess I couldn't fault him if he takes the jack*sses precedent. /s

    ProudMNDemocrat (4,890 posts)

    5. Those voters who were hurt by Trump will not be voting for him again....

    The 2017 Tax Cuts did not help the average Middle Class tax payer. MORE people paid in by over $90 BILLION for 2018.

    Farmers are declaring Bankruptcy because of the Trade war with China. That destroys their Credit with Lenders, Farm Implement dealers, Seed dealers, and all who they owe money to.

    Democrats need to remind Americans of that and much more.
    Wooooo, that's quite a trick. Claim that there were no tax cuts, and then claim that the INCREASED TAX REVENUE is due to that, rather than the increased economy resulting from the tax cuts. And yes, some people did have increased taxes - those who have HIGH STATE taxes and who then deducted it from their FEDERAL taxes. That was all.

    mopinko (53,556 posts)

    6. it's what he will do as a lame duck that keeps me up nights.
    shockey80 (2,407 posts)

    9. I thought about that too.

    vc Yikes!
    He has good precedent for that too - The Black*ss did many things to make it more difficult for President Trump.
    Grasswire2 (4,706 posts)

    12. and what will he do between the election and the inauguration?
    shockey80 (2,407 posts)

    9. I thought about that too.


    With all the world's most powerful military at his disposal and an obsession with revenge?
    sandensea (8,621 posts)

    19. Excellent points all

    My only fears are that (a) Cheeto - most likely with Bibi's help - will stage some "incident." Of all the few world leaders that support Cheeto (even including Putin), Bibi has the most to lose from Democrats retaking the White House.

    The Likudniks finally have a real stoolie in the White House that will openly endorse any abuse or rogue state behavior of theirs - and they want to keep it that way.

    and (b) if it's close in enough states, they might electronically flip enough votes in three or four for a repeat of 2016: a loss in the popular vote; but a win (even a Bush-style squeaker) in the Electoral College.

    It's pretty much an open secret by now that this happened in MI and WI - possibly in PA and OH as well. And that's besides other tactics like voter roll alterations in Dem.-leaning areas, etc.

    As a recent article pointed out, the fat bastard could lose by up to 5 million popular votes - but still eke out re-election in the E.C.

    But, knock wood, none of their shenanigans will be enough to put them over the top this time.

    Your arguments make an excellent case that they, in fact, won't be.
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    shockey80 (2,407 posts)

    A desperate narcissist is going to get his ass kicked in the 2020 election for these reasons.

    Trump has a long history of quitting when he knows he is going to lose. ...
    DU-folk posted that shtick repeatedly from July, 2015 up until Inauguration Day, 2017, and then resumed when Muellermas fantasies gripped their collective imagination. They really do not learn to take reality as it is rather than as they fantasize it to be, not matter how often their fantasies are dashed to pieces.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    What a moronic post but hey,
    it's DUmmieLand.

    How many times are they going
    to the "he won't leave office" well??

    DUmmies, it just make you look stupid.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    And the jerkazoids like Shockey really think that telling the American people that Democrats plan on raising taxes on everyone and any thing that moves ( IF SOMEONE RAISED TAXES ON MY BUSINESS, I'D HIRE MORE PEOPLE ) , regulate business until companies go under, have wide open borders, free health care for EVERYONE ON THE PLANET , take your guns, take away your Free Speech, turn American cities into even worse shit holes.

    Ya, Americans have been chomping at the bit for all that

    Shockey, try talking to real people instead of the shit heads at DU and whoever lives in your tiny bubble of an existence.
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