YouTube Removes Robot Fighting Videos After Declaring Them 'Cruelty to Animals'

Robots have rights, too, y'all! YouTube says so at least, their algorithms do. After declaring that videos of robots fighting violates restrictions against depictions of cruelty toward animals, the video streaming site has begun removing the robot battle videos.

To be fair, YouTube blames a new algorithm that flags robot fighting videos as animal cruelty because it can't distinguish between real animals and robots shaped like animals. As to be expected, robot enthusiasts are not happy. According to The Daily Mail, a robot enthusiast that goes by the alias Maker's Muse pointed out that "I do not support animal cruelty in the slightest. But what's happening is that it's false flagged robots smashing each other as animal cruelty."
You Tube self-beclowned itself. Can't say I'm especially surprised, TBH. Reality is more complex than algorithms can discern, making sillinesses like this inevitable.

I-i-i-i-i-it's robot fighting time!