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    what i'd like to know is where does Lisa get off with the condescending attitude toward the poor?:

    she's a beggar in her own right:

    and a well-known crank and whiner in her local community.
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    From Tess' first link, a 2007 article:

    On Wednesday, Lisa Terrell said she had a half gallon of milk left for herself and three children.
    The 37-year-old has lived in Tahoe for 15 years. She counts the 11 jobs she’s had on two hands and back again. Terrell said she’s moved more times than the jobs she’s worked.
    A few years ago, after the birth of her third child, Terrell was on welfare and using food stamps. On Wednesday, she was cleaning the house she rents – with assistance – to prepare for an annual visit from an official with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    The department subsidizes most of the $1,300 monthly rent of the three-bedroom, three-bathroom house Terrell lives in until May, when the lease is up.
    It's hard to know where to start on the female's poor choices!

    * Three kids, no Father in the picture;

    * South Lake Tahoe's (SLT) economy is based on seasonal tourism;

    * Local Grocery stores are Raley's and Safeway; the nearest Walmart and Costco locations are 15-20 miles away;

    * SLT is at ~6200 feet and is cold and snowy in winter (= extra clothing and heating expenses).

    Where might she live that has actual job opportunities? Maybe Carson City, where there might be government jobs. Maybe Dixon, CA, a farming community which is near Woodland (warehousing), Davis (University of California), and Sacramento (government, CSU Sacramento, etc.). Maybe Elk Grove (some tech, farming area), which is also near Sacramento. Maybe Vacaville (food processing, Luck Stores warehouse, some tech), which is near Fairfield (Travis AFB and more).

    Welfare and food stamps, housing assistance paying most of her rent ... even if she did get that better job mentioned by that 12YO article, she should at least remember where she came from and be a lot more compassionate and humble. And her daughter would do far better to do two years at Lake Tahoe Community College, which is located in SLT and she could live at home and then transfer to CSU Sacramento, which is excellent, housing is far less expensive than Berkeley or Stanford or Palo Alto, and she might get a job and/or an internship in a legislator's, city council member's, or other government office. I think the latter would do for daughter's resume' than a UCB or Stanford degree.
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    she's at it again:

    can't go to the gofundme site right now, but glad I'm not a family member of hers, Lisa would pester you to death for money.
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