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  1. #1 University promotes hotline for students to call if they see immigration agents 
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    The University of California, Berkeley is promoting a local organization’s “rapid response hotline” for students to call if they see federal immigration enforcement officers.

    The school promotes the hotline on its Undocumented Student Program website. The hotline was set up by the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership, a cooperation between the legal group Centro Legal de La Raza and several other organizations.

    The Berkeley website promoting the hotline links back to a broken page on Centro Legal’s website, but the latter website does feature the hotline elsewhere on its site. “If you see Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in action, suspect ICE activity in progress, or if you are detained or someone you know is detained by ICE, call ACILEP for rapid response and immigration legal services,” the website states
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    Sounds like an opportunity to let this organization know the addresses of Berserkeley City Council members, IYKWIM. Or maybe report the presence of ICE in the neighborhoods of this outfit's misleaders.
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