We've got a BOUNCY!!!!

Notice she convinces herself that the men must be LYING about being liberal, then claims that it's true.

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I'm a liberal but voting for Trump - Trumpkin lies- Why aren't they confident in their own agenda?

So I recently relocated from GA to FL. Yesterday I saw a group of men with a big sign saying I'm liberal but voting for Trump. They were laughing and yukking it up and having a good ol time on that street corner. They got some honks, seemingly in support as people were driving by so I'm sure they felt emboldened and good about it.

I was going to engage them, but on second thought I decided against it. - a lone black woman speaking to a bunch of white men supporting Trump, hooting and hollering - might not be such a good idea.

I really wanted to ask about the sign. I doubt any of them were truly liberals. So then, my next question would have been, why make such a sign? Liberals for Trump? Doesn't make sense. If you like the Trump agenda, why not make a sign about what you like? The children in cages, "he speaks his mind" - you know how he calls powerful women nasty, calls minorities low IQ. I like the tax cuts and de-regulations. Why not be specific about what you like.

I then smiled after being a bit bothered by the sign at first. I thought, well if you are not willing to say why you actually like Trump and are voting for him, but instead make a sign lying about being a liberal - you must not be confident in your guy winning eh? I'm still puzzled by the sign. Did they think they would change the minds of liberals passing by?
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3. Ha!

Liberals for Trump is an oxymoron to me...emphasis on "moron".

We could assume that the Tarump-rump-rump Base is composed of many low-information, misinformed votes, (oh, come on, I am TRYING to not be too condescending here, other words do apply).

In that case, not only are they not really keen on what "liberal" means, but they are more likely to project their own ignorance outwards by way of erroneous and distorted assumptions of what liberals tend to be, especially in regards to intelligence and knowledge. "Those stupid, snowflake liberals!" That is really funny and pathetic, actually.

They may assume that the stupidity they indulge in, (or are endowed with) actually applies to those they oppose. Not only is that wrong, it is certainly a mistake for various reasons and it is something that we can and should exploit.

On the other hand, I do think that the right information presented in the right manner to folks like that might help, they may be steeped in a legacy of values and ignorance that has many safeguards and the Republican agenda not only condones it, they create and reinforce it at every step of the way.

So, yeah, it is not hard to imagine a group of folks pretending to be liberals for Trump based on those assumptions. Gonna' fool 'em good!
Good I hope they get that message out there in the most vile ways. They will ensure that liberals who are not leftist lemmings will know that they are reviled and hated and will not feel welcome going back to the Democrat party after Trump is gone.