The Audacity of Debt: Obama’s Plan to Bankrupt the U.S. for Generations
"Once Those Dimocrats Start Spending Trillions They become Addicted To It !"

What is bigger than the New Deal? Larger than the Apollo program? And more sizeable than the Manhattan Project? Answer: Barack Hussein Obama Jr.’s proposed deficit spending plan.

"Question who is he going to screw with his massive spending ?Americas next several generations !"

The president-elect has the audacity to think that massive government debt — about $1 trillion dollars — equates with hope. He’s utterly wrong, and his arrogance will bankrupt our children and their children. “The only specific American endeavor, ever, that tipped the trillion dollar scale was World War II,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“That war — in which 16 million U.S. troops fought for four years over two fronts — cost about $4 trillion in adjusted dollars, or $17 trillion in today’s GDP. Leave it to Obama and Congress to make even WWII seem like a relative bargain.”

Indeed, $1 trillion in new debt is more than mere change. With Obama in the White House driver’s seat, the U.S. is once again on the road to serfdom.