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  1. #1 Imagine this, Republicans ... 
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    Speaking of idiots....

    NanceGreggs (24,825 posts)

    Imagine this, Republicans ...

    While on the campaign trail back in 2008, Barack Obama mis-spoke when he referred to visiting 57 states, when he clearly meant 47. You tried your best to spin an obvious mis-speak into claims that Obama didn’t know how many states there are – a meme that only the brain-dead among your ‘base’ even tried to push, and the whole thing fizzled-out like a 4th of July sparkler during a speech about how the Revolutionary War was won by shutting down the airports in 1775

    Now, imagine this, Republicans.

    Imagine that immediately following Obama’s 57-state gaffe, he went before the nation with a map of the US on which he had added seven additional states with a black Sharpie. Then imagine him spending an entire week tweeting about how he’d been right all along, and only the ‘fake news’ was denying that there were indeed 57 states – just as he’d said.

    I’m sure you’d agree that Obama would have looked incredibly stupid, ludicrous, ridiculous – a petty, self-absorbed idiot who was totally unhinged, and completely divorced from reality.

    Well, guys – guess what? That is exactly how your “pResident” looks right now – not only in front of the country, but in front of the whole world.

    I’ve always anxiously anticipated the demise of the Republican party – but I never thought that global humiliation would be the fatal blow. Any support you show for this madman will now be seen for what it is – enabling a “pResident” who is obviously deranged.
    Except of course THERE AREN'T 57 states and there have NEVER BEEN 57 states.

    But Alabama WAS IN THE PREDICTED PATH of the hurricane before they change the predicted path.

    The Jack*ss Media and the jack*sses themselves have gone on and on and on about this.

    I know, they're butt hurt that President Trump pushes back and doesn't let them "win" by default.

    This is just one more UNHINGED, HATEFUL temper tantrum by intolerant Democrats.

    crazytown (4,723 posts)

    1. And the Judiciary committee are voting on Wednesday to set up the impeachment hearings.

    trump made it easy(er) for them.
    Niagara (1,086 posts)

    3. KnR

    I truly feel like I live in an insane twilight zone episode that never stops. It's insane how this crap from this so called administration continuously keeps repeating itself. When will his supporters wake up and and see the evidence that's right in front of them?

    There are days I just want to scream.

    Their problem is that we're FULLY AWAKE and we see who and what they are and what their agenda will result in.

    smirkymonkey (44,224 posts)

    5. Every day I want to scream.

    It really does feel like a never-ending Twilight Zone episode. You have described it perfectly. It is maddening. It makes you question your own sanity. I keep telling myself, "this can't be happening, there is no sane existence in which this could really be happening." Yet it is happening.

    I know that it must come to an end someday, but I can't see it and it fills me with despair.
    Another leftist idiot who has been pampered and feted their entire life and now as an adult still DEMANDS that what he/she wants needs to be delivered NOW.
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    I cannot believe DU-Progs think there's there there on this. But it's NanceGregg, so ....... anyway, what Trump said and Tweeted was correct for the information he had on that day. Had Dorian kept going straight and Trump not included Alabama in his warning DU-folk would be howling for his impeachment.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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