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  1. #1 T.”bonehead” Pickens kicked over the oil bucket today at 91. 
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    T. Boone Pickens, the ‘Oracle of Oil,’ corporate raider and billionaire philanthropist, dies at 91

    Back in his early days he was an oilman to be admired. Once he gave up finding oil, he’s just been another snake oil salesman sucking government subsidies in one form or another.
    His foray into wind farms enriched China while drawing grants for US labor to assemble them.
    Any reporter of any stripe could get a quote out of him on any subject as he lived to see his name on the page.

    RIP even so.
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    Almost surprised that Oklahoma State hasn't changed their name to T. Boone U. It seems the whole campus is named after him.
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    T. Boone Beijing

    T. Bine Pickings

    … I think he also had an eminent domain scheme involving land for underground trunk-cables to carry the wind-generated electricity. But news of it leaked, corresponding with his disappearance from daily business-headlines.
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