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  1. #1 Girls Banned from Wearing Skirts at School ‘to Protect Their Modesty’ 
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    A school in England has banned its female pupils from wearing skirts “to protect their modesty” when using glass-sided stairwells.

    Girls at Stowmarket High School in Suffolk were told that they must wear trousers, with the school saying the change was made in response to the design of a new teaching building, reports CambridgeshireLive.

    Headteacher Dave Lee-Allan claimed he was “concerned” about “personal privacy” with the new build, but was assured by the designers that there had not been an issue with similar structures. He then added that the new uniform is more “practical” with an option for shorts in the summer.

    However, the parents do not believe that the uniform changes were made to make the pupils looks more “smart” or to stop boys looking up girls’ skirts, rather they were introduced to force gender neutrality on their daughters.
    How about removing the glass and replacing it with a solid surface !
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    I am old enough to remember when girls were REQUIRED to wear skirts to school.

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    When I was in elementary school, we girls didn't want to wear dresses most days. We wanted to play on the jungle gym and monkey bars without worrying about boys seeing our underwear. We had a dress code, but it was past the days when girls were required to wear dresses or skirts.
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