Stephen Colbert and Alan Colmes Discuss Democrats' Racism

Should Roland Burris be Obama's replacement or is he too tainted?

Democrats don't support Roland Burris' as Barack Obama's Senate seat replacement, so clearly they're racist.

Colbert is funny debunking the racism charge after Reid specificly asked that 3 blacks not be chosen in a discussion with Blago before the scandal broke and then initially rejecting black candidate Roland Burris, while asking for two non-black candidates to be considered (according to the Chicago Sun Times), Lisa Madigan and Tammy Duckworth.
I just wish he would do it with all the phony racism charges Democrats hurl all the time. He won't, as a liberal hack. Remember Trent Lott's racist because he said, at an old man's 100 yr Bday, aw shucks Strom Thurmond, thing's'd be great if you'd been president, but Reid isn't racist here, and Demo senator Robert KKK Byrd isn't either.