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  1. #1 Again: Biden Lies, Claims Obama Administration Didn’t Lock Immigrants In “Cages” 
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    Again: Biden Lies, Claims Obama Administration Didn’t Lock Immigrants In “Cages”

    Via the Free Beacon, foolishly I thought he wouldn’t dare make this claim again after he made it last week on Stephen Colbert’s show. It’s transparently, even famously, false. Either the media was going to make him pay by calling him on it or a Democratic rival would.

    But no, apart from a few righties like me crying foul, he got away with it scot-free. How? Right, I know, normally you’d expect the press to let him slide, but don’t forget that many journalists are pulling for a more progressive candidate in the primaries. They have an ideological incentive at the moment to fact-check Biden rigorously. As do his opponents, of course.

    He got so little flak for what he said on Colbert, though, that he repeated the claim last night before a national audience. In an exchange with open-borders shill Jorge Ramos, no less.
    You want fact-checks? You got fact-checks. The AP dinged Biden this morning, as did PolitiFact, as did the Times and Vox. Fox News had commentators on as well to call Biden out. Grandpa Joe is right that the Obama administration didn’t separate families like Trump has but he’s simply incorrect that Trump brought “cages” to immigration policy. Team O introduced those for unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border five years ago.
    So, is Creepy Joe slipping mentally? Or did he lie, expecting the MSM were "on his side" and would not call out his lie?
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Creepy joe's brain is like a bowl of jello, it isn't acting like a fully working brain.

    I believe it is called senility.
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

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