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    Minneapolis Robberies and Beatings Net 16 Arrests

    A rash of Minneapolis robberies and beatings netted 16 arrests. The violence with which suspects stole cell phones and other items is horrifying to watch after videos of some of the crimes were released. All the while, the city council worries about hiring more police officers.

    In 2018, there were 156 Minneapolis robberies in downtown. This year there have been 240. KARE received three videos of unprovoked beatings in the downtown area.

    Back in July, a scientist from Georgia, Aleksandre Sambelashvili, 42, was beaten so badly that he died on August 23. A 28 year old unnamed suspect was arrested on the 23rd, but the incident on 5th street was not disclosed until three weeks later, according to the Star Tribune.

    I guess the city council is afraid if they hire more police officers they might catch more criminals

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    These yutes might be future Ilhan Omar voters. Case dismissed.

    PS I originally thought of the Minnesota characters in "Fargo" to be satirical caricatures. Nevermore.

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