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  1. #1 ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Billboard Vandalized to Blast ‘Pedowood 
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    This is kind of old, but that's the danger of getting deplatformed...

    A Los Angeles billboard for Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has been hijacked to replace the faces of stars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio with those of Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein, respectively, blasting “Pedowood” in place of Hollywood.

    The billboard, located at Pico and La Cienega, was vandalized ahead of the film’s July 26 release. A street artist who goes by the name of Sabo has taken credit for the alteration on his website. He has also taken credit for a bench advertisement featuring Epstein instead of DiCaprio and Woody Allen instead of Pitt, as well as a poster with congressman Adam Schiff’s face placed on Pitt’s character next to Epstein again as DiCaprio’s character. (Schiff earlier this year was the target of an entirely unsupported allegation by a right-wing commentator, who admitted he lied about calling Schiff a “pedophile” because he didn’t like the Democratic congressman.)
    Variety Magazine does not approve of Sabo shenanigans

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    Haven't seen the film, but heard good things about it. No idea how it deals with Polanski directly, but know Margot Robbie portrays Sharon Tate. Highly doubt Tarantino would glamorize pedo Polanski.
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    The movie is really good, but the last 10-15 minutes are an orgy of violence. It captures the 60s well, with music, old advertisements and the cars. It's my favorite Tarantino movie so far.

    There's a controversial scene where Brad Pitt's character beats the shit out of Bruce Lee. Lee's daughter was really upset about it. The scene is hilarious.

    The Roman Polanski in the movie is the Roman Polanski of 1969, before he raped the teenaged girl. That issue is not addressed at all. Leo's character lives in the house next door to the Polanski family on Cielo Drive. I've never been a huge Leo fan, but he is good in this role, as an aging television western star who drinks too much and who's having trouble finding work. I do like Brad Pitt, so of course I liked him in this movie. He plays Leo's stuntman.

    Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate as a very sweet and likable person, someone who remembers she's just a person like everyone else. MR is a great actress, I've liked her in every movie I've seen her in. She was Harley Quinn and Elizabeth I, so she has range.

    I don't want to give too much away, but the ending is the alternate history we would all prefer.
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