A 21-year-old Honduran native is facing 155 years in prison after being accused of repeatedly raping a 6-year-old girl in Montgomery County, Maryland, where just days ago hundreds of activists gathered to protest the county’s sanctuary city policies protecting criminal aliens.

According to ABC7’s Kevin Lewis, Wilder Hernandez-Nolasco was arrested after police say the little girl disclosed that he’d sexually assaulted her multiple times over the past year, telling her that she’d be “grounded for 100 days” if she told anyone about the abuse.

According to court documents, Hernandez-Nolasco admitted to sexually assaulting the girl, but says he never actually raped her. He has been charged withtwo counts of second degree rape for vaginal intercourse, two counts of second degree rape for digital penetration, two counts of third degree rape for forcing the victim to touch his penis, one count of sexual abuse of a minor, and one count of sexual abuse of a minor continuing course of conduct.
Above his mug shot it is noted that "The source of his injuries is unknown"

In Maryland he will probably be released on ROR.