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    he New York Times’ Robin Pogrebin, one of two masterminds behind the Times’ weekend hit piece accusing SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct during a dorm party back in college, defended her controversial article by suggesting that the woman Kavanaugh supposedly victimized was “incredibly drunk” at the time of the alleged incident, suggesting that her memory of her own assault is "questionable."

    "She was incredibly drunk at that party... memory here is really a questionable issue," Pogrebin told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Monday.

    Because if slandering a sitting Supreme Court justice weren’t bad enough, let’s double down and slander a random, unnamed drunk woman while we’re at it.

    Pogrebin, along with her coauthor, Kate Kelly, have come under fire this week for their piece in the New York Times, ripped from their larger book set to be published Tuesday, detailing an allegation that Kavanaugh had exposed himself during a frat party back in the ‘80s – an article that conveniently omitted the fact that the woman he supposedly forced to touch his genitals says she doesn’t remember the incident at all.
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    As someone who is in the same age group as Kavanagh and not only went to college around the same time, but was also a participant in the Greek system, I have to say that the partying that went on every week from Thursday night through Sunday was extreme. Like a Super Bowl victory celebration every night of every weekend. Sometimes on Tuesday nights, too, when the local bar had Greek Night with 10 cent drinks. I have no doubt that Kavanagh was a partier and a prankster when he was in college. There's just no evidence that he was a rapist.

    I actually have sympathy for Kathleen whatshername from the confirmation hearings. I think she probably was raped at a party when she was really drunk, young, and stupid. I had a couple of close calls in college, but had good friends looking out for me. I just think that her memory is not clear about it, and she can't make an accusation against anyone for that reason.
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    So, Pogrebin, who was not there, made an evidence-, witnesses-, date-, and location-free accusation. And when the supposed victim refuses to corroborate his accusation, Pogrebin, who was not there, added the evidence- and witnesses-free claim/accusation that she was too drunk to remember.

    I have a simpler - and I think truer - explanation. Pogrebin, Kelly, and that Clinton lawyer made up a slanderous accusation, it's falling apart, and they are trying to brazen it through to their lie being believed.
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