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  1. #1 Student leaders fight ‘heteronormativity’ at Notre Dame 
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    The University of Notre Dame to this day exclusively maintains single-sex dorms, with all-male and all-female residence halls at the 177-year-old Catholic institution.

    Now its student body president has asserted the university’s dorms wrongfully normalize heterosexuality over homosexuality.

    Student Body President Elizabeth Boyle told The College Fix in an interview her team is taking steps to address “heteronormativity” in the Catholic university’s dorms.

    Heteronormative means “denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation,” according to Oxford Dictionary.
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    Dear Ms. Boyle;

    Get a fucking life already.

    Love, Uncle Danny.
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    Anything to make homoabnormally seem acceptable.
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    If you don't like Notre Dame's policies, don't go there. Go to a state university.
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