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  1. #1 90 Percent of Plastic Waste Comes from Asia and Africa 
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    The peak-level virtual signaling over plastic straws — peddled by the left-wing media and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates — is why I dedicated a chapter in my new book 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know to detailing the often overlooked fact that about 90 percent of the planet’s plastic waste comes from a few rivers in and around Asia and Africa.

    A groundbreaking study conducted by a team of researchers at Germany’s Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research poured over data on debris from 79 sampling sites along 57 rivers and found that just a handful of rivers in a couple of countries account for an overwhelming majority of the pollutants piling up in our oceans.

    “The 10 top-ranked rivers transport 88-95 percent of the global load into the sea,” Dr. Christian Schmidt, a hydrogeologist who headed up the study, told the Daily Mail after the research was published in 2017. “The rivers with the highest estimated plastic loads are characterized by high population – for instance the Yangtze with over half a billion people.”

    The study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, said that by cutting plastic pollution in the Yangtze River — the third-longest in the world and located in China — and the Ganges River, located in India, ocean pollution could be reduced by half
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    Just another reason to use multiple plastic straws per day. Lately I just burn them as well.
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    We recycle enough plastic that we are not the main contributors anymore. Recycling plastic is expensive, though, and I doubt too many African nations can afford it. The largest Asian nation (China) is the #1 polluter in pretty much every category. They probably can afford it but don't really want to pay for it.
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    They're ignoring the use of coal and failure to monitor air quality. My niece's husband travels to China regularly for business and comments about the filthy air. My son had been there on a business trip and said it was tough to breathe. A woman I met who ran a business making animal sculptures went to China to investigate sending her production there. She said that she decided against it, because they had no concern whatever for their workers. She had brought along masks for people to use in the manufacture of her product and she was told that they wouldn't be used.

    China basically doesn't care. They pollute absolutely and don't cooperate. I see no reason for us to go to even more extraordinary measures when it doesn't really matter since we've already made great strides in cleaning up the environment. More pressure should be brought on China and India by the environmental activists before they bother us more. The difference is they're probably afraid to stand up to China. Maybe they don't like "camps" in their future.

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