New York Times Fact Checker Used Racist, Homophobic Slurs on Twitter

A researcher and fact checker for the New York Times has a history of using racist and homophobic slurs on Twitter, according to a journalist for Newsmax.
Gina Cherelus — who on her LinkedIn page describes herself as “a researcher and fact-checker for The New York Times’ Opinion section”– appears to have deleted the offensive Tweets on Tuesday. But some were still accessible on her Twitter account.

But Newsmax host John Cardillo has posted screen hots of tweets apparently from Cherelus’ account in which she used words like “f*****s” and “d***s” while also referring disparagingly to Asians, Latinos, and “white people.”
Looks like another challenge to the MSM to hold themselves to the same standards they hold others. I'm guessing a lot of MSM folk will be rooting through their social media activities and doing some purging.