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  1. #1 Explosion rips apart Russian bio research lab 
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    One has to wonder about the state of the Russian military and related research institutions.

    First, one of its submarine sinks in the Arctic. The incident claims the lives of elite naval personnel and the nation launches a recovery mission worthy of “The Hunt for Red October.”

    Then, there is an explosion at one of its premier military bases. The detonation is followed by a spike in radiation and residents in the surrounding area clamoring for iodine.

    Now, an explosion ripped through a virus research center in Russia. The facility is one of two places in the world that store the deadly smallpox virus.

    The blast at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, or “Vector,” left one employee injured and the building, located in Koltsovo, near the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, survived without structural damage, according to a statement from the facility.

    The suspected gas explosion happened on the fifth floor of the 6-floor concrete building during scheduled repairs, Russian-owned news agency TASS reported.

    The good news is that the pathogen-containment areas are not reported to have been affected by the incident.

    “No work with biological materials was carried out in the building,” the statement said. “One worker suffered injuries.”

    A spokesperson for Vector told ABC News: “There is no danger to life. There is no biological catastrophe. We are working in regular mode.”

    …Founded in 1974, Vector is one of the world’s largest research centers. In Soviet times, researchers at the lab studied potential plagues including anthrax and tularaemia to learn more about creating biological weapons. Vector now develops tools for diagnosing and treating infectious diseases, specializing work on vaccines for swine flu, HIV and Ebola
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    I'm glad I got my smallpox vaccine as a kid.

    They are currently filming a new miniseries version of Stephen King's The Stand.
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